Here is a list of some common problems and solutions.


In order to run the games, your web browser needs to have a Virtual Machine for Java™ Technology (a JVM). A JVM is built into most modern browsers.

Here is a test to see whether your browser supports Java™ Technology:

If you don’t see a blue box above with a message, then either you don’t have Java™ Technology or it’s not working. If you do see it, then you do have Java™ Technology and it is working.

How do I get Java™ Technology?
Click on this button:
Get Java
You’re using WebTV
The games won’t work on WebTV because WebTV doesn’t support Java™ Technology.
Your browser doesn’t support Java™ Technology.
Almost all modern browsers support Java™ Technology. If yours doesn’t, then you might want to get a browser that does. I recommend Netscape Navigator.
Your browser supports Java™ Technology, but you still can’t see the games.
Another possibility is that the Java™ Technology option in your browser has been turned off. You can probably find a preferences or options menu item that will let you turn it on. How you do this is going to depend on your web browser. You should ask the folks that are responsible for your web browser.
Your brower supports Java™ Technology and it is enabled and you still can’t see the games.
A third possibility is that the Internet failed or that it’s slow. Sometimes connections don’t work all the way. It’s possible that you got the text in the page, but the connection got broken somewhere along the line when the game was loading. In that case, you might try reloading the page a couple of times or even disconnecting the modem and signing on again.

The games do generally work for most people. If they aren’t working for you, then I’m sorry. You’re in a much better position to figure out why they aren’t working for you than I am.


(Java is a trademark or registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries.)